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"When she feeds the flowers
Up they rise their pretty little heads
And when she waters them
They glow and smirk and smile in their beds."
-- Robyn Hitchcock, "A Globe of Frogs"


5-20-12: Ok, I’ve been updating the Garden Diary pretty regularly and intend to continue doing so.  Other things will wait for now, but there is still a lot going on out there, so check back from time to time to see our progress.

4-21-12: I know, I know, it’s been a while.  There have been some pretty big changes in the garden since the last update.  To sum up, we have been moving more and more toward edibles and an ecologically sound practice.   We now have 59 different types of perennial edibles growing in our garden.  Using perennials means we have very little work to do once the plants are established, yet we can walk out our door any day of the year and harvest a fresh meal, not including meat.  We found local sources for organic matter for the garden beds, as well as a way to keep our own garden debris from leaving our property.  Also, we took the blue boxes out of the Potager, reshaping the four square beds into two free-form ones, and planted four small fruit trees in them.  They will still be sunny for a long time, and be used for smaller annual and perennial edibles and flowers.  This year, we transformed the nearly empty, shady, back north side of the garden into a Utility Area with a potting table, compost bins, and storage for pots and plant supports.  As a bonus, we now have a clean Patio that we hope to furnish for al fresco dining (and pretty up with some potted plants, of course).  Lastly, we replaced the grass paths in the Herb Circle, Potager, Tropical Vegetable Area, and Utility Area with river jacks and stepping stones.  They look nice and keep us from tracking dirt and debris into the house. 

To see a blow-by-blow account, visit the new pages:

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Another new page: Growing Dinner: Visit to a Homegarden A homegarden is a private subsistence garden, in tropical regions.  In temperate zones, it is referred to as a Forest Garden.  One of our friends is successfully growing his own and we wanted you to see it, in the hope that it inspires you as much as it did us!

Updated: Behind the Wall


Coming soon: 

Pages on self-watering containers, a continuous flow worm bin, and visits to some lovely local gardens.

Stay tuned!

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